World Events Wednesday: A dog that shot his owner

Even though it sounds unreal, a French man was shot by his dog during a hunt. Accidentally of course!

The truth is that while the huntsman was taking a part in a deer shoot, his dog caught the trigger of the gun while the bullet shattered a part of the huntsman´s hand. Unfortunately, after this accident, the huntsman´s hand had to be amputated. The huntsman is not blaming his dog, a Blue Gascony Basset hound dog, but himself for not applying the safety catch.

The incident happened on 16 of September, and Rene, the 55 old victim was rushed to the hospital in Bordeaux by air ambulance. Rene explained that his dog was very young, and new to the sport. What actually happened is that the dog jumped on him to try to give him a cuddle, and accidentally put a paw on the gun.


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