Tips Tuesday: UTI tips for a healthier dog

UTI is short from urinary tract infection, and this is something from what not only humans can suffer but dogs as well. This infection happens mostly to female dogs due to the shorter urethra.

In the beginning, UTI is not harmful and usually doesn’t have any signs. However, if after the disease has been discovered, it is not cured it can cause damage to the urinary system of the dog. It is the dog owner who has to notice when the dog is suffering and take him right away to the veterinarian.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of UTI at dogs – bad urine smell, stomach problems, fever, bloody urine, fatigue, lethargy, etc. Also, if you notice your dog licking the genital area constantly, it can be as well a very possible sign of a urinary tract infection.

UTI is caused by bacteria that enters to the body of the dog through water or food, invades the system of the dog, causing infection and inflammation. If UTI is not treated it can infect the kidneys, urethra, prostate and bladder.

Here are some tips that can prevent UTI in dogs, so make sure to read them well and remember each of them:

-your dog’s water has to be fresh and clean every day

-bath your dog on a regular basis

-clean the genital area of your dog whenever giving him a bath

-clean your dog’s water and food bowl every day

-to stimulate its bladder, take your dog for a walk every day

-use homeopathic remedies on a regular basis

- let your dog urinate whenever he needs to

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