Stylish Sunday: Puppy Face Bowl- Blue for Dogs

In case that you are a dog owner, you probably know that your dog will require two dog bowls. One bowl will be for drinking and the other bowl will be for the food.

The most important thing when choosing a dog bowl is to find the one that will fit your decorating style and your dogs’ eating habits.

There are different types of dog bowl – ceramic bowls, plastic bowls and stainless steel bowls. Ceramic dog bowls are usually nice looking but they don’t need to be the right solution for feeding your dog as they contain decorative glazing, which can be toxic to dogs and humans. From the other side, plastic dog bowls are cheap and they are often nice looking, but there are as well certain risks of using these. Lets just mention that plastic dishes are easy to clean, they are cheap and are dishwasher safe. However some dogs may be allergic to plastic bowls as plastic materials can often  be a sponge for bacteria, dirt, and odors.

In the end, stainless steel dog food bowls are the perfect dog bowls as they are lightweight and at the same time sturdy. These bowls don’t  harbor any bacteria, and can last the lifetime of your dog, unless something unfortunate happens to the bowl.

Pampered puppy is the dog friendly online store where you can buy anything you need for your pooch. If you are looking for a cheap and dog friendly bowl, the Puppy Face Bowl is the right choice for your dog. It costs less than $10 and is super cute and delightful. This is a stoneware bowl, made of high quality materials, and can be used both for dog food and water. Its diameter is 5.5 inches and can hold up to 1.25 cups.

When purchasing one dog bowl, why not already buying two, in different colors, especially when you take into consideration its low price!

More information about this dog bowl and as well a link to order it –


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