Save Me Saturday: Adopt Bronson, a cute German shepherd mix

You will have to agree that adopting a pet is a very noble thing. How many times e just listen that someone have buy a dog or a cat, but what about all those homeless animals that are just waiting that someone adopt them and give them a warm bed, good food, to play with them and pet them. The same as people, dogs love to be loved.

This week we will try to find home for Bronson, a very cute German shepherd mix. Bronson is of a medium size, he is male and he will be more than happy if someone goes to take him in Spruce Grove, AB.

Bronson had a reconstructive face surgery, but luckily, if you don’t know about that you wouldn’t even notice. He is cute and you could just melt when he looks to you with his beautiful light amber eyes. Bronson is a very friendly dog and he likes to play.

Bronson had a not so good experience with a porcupine when he injured him on his face which caused severe infections when the quills weren’t taken care of properly. He had to go on a skin grafting process to have his cheek rebuilt.

Bronson is spayed/neutered, also up-to-date with routine shots. His primary colors are yellow, tan, blond or fawn, black.

Bronson is good with dogs, cats and kids. He is kennel trained and house trained. Bronson is also an extremely high energy dog. He likes company and is waiting just for you to become his new family member!

German shepherd is probably the most famous dog breed in the world. He is a versatile worker, known for strength and loyalty. The most common color of German Shepherds is black. This is an extremely intelligent dog who is a great companion as well. It is very obedient. It can be very easily trained, and because of this he is used for the army and as a police dog and as a guide dog for the blind. He needs lots of exercise; he is a very energetic and smart animal who really likes to use all his enthusiasm and desire to execute the command.

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