Tips Tuesday: Potty Training Tips

If you ever water to potty train your dog, try following these few simple rules:

1. Always use a designated toilet area (a tiled floor, lay polythene sheets, put newspaper over of the carpet or similar). Never let your dog play in the area where you are trying to potty train him.

2. make sure to always follow the schedule for eating and potty time. This gives your dog a sense of structure.

3. Reward your dog with a treat after he does his business. Remember – good behavior + happiness = positive behavior

4. If you manage catching your dog in the middle of the act, lead him very quickly to the desired toilet area.

5. Never hit your dog when he has an accident, just simply tell him he did wrong.

6. Always clean up the mess. Use some cleaners that are able to remove the smell of urine and feces.

Even though these tips may sound easy, remember that any dog training including this one requires patience and dedication. Love your dog and he will love you back as well. A strong relationship between you and your dog and mutual respect is already the half of the training.

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