Stylish Sunday: Fabuleash – luxurious dog leashes

Luxurious dog leashes are one way of showing your fashion statement. This is why Fabuleashes were invented in the first place. What are fabuleashes exactly? These are dog leashes often decorated with jewels and beads that look like a piece of jewelry than rather a simple dog leash. These leashes are available in many different colors and designs. Most of them can be found in 12 different colors and are equipped with crystal studded leather handles. is an online store for dog products and cares a lot of your pooch and how he will be styled. Here you can find a variety of fabuleash leashes in different sizes and colors. You can choose between 64 different fabuleash models and choose the ones you like the best. You can buy different styles and models for different occasions and therefore always stay trendy.

Our pick for this week is the Crystallized Retractable Leash – Crystal. This luxurious leash is very comfortable both for you and your dog. What is the most important here is that it looks absolutely fabulous with all that shimmer and glam of the crystals. The leash is very strong and is made with strong nylon construction. This fabuleash is available in two different sizes:

Size S – 9ft long, holds up to 14 lbs.

Size M – 15ft. long, holds up to 28 lbs.

You can check out this luxurious dog leash on the following link –

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  1. Tele says:

    Interesting post. Buying a luxury dog leash seems like a nice way to cater to your dog. Are the sizes available sturdy enough for large and small dogs alike?

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