Save me Saturday: Rufus, a Friendly Dog

This week we will try to find a home for one of the dogs from Rufus is a large male adult Labrador retriever. At the moment he can be found in Bonnyville, AB. He has a very short golden-white hair.

Rufus is a very friendly dog. You will not have any problems with his as he is very well house trained and he walks well on a leash.

In case that you have other dogs at home, Rufus will definitely not mind. He enjoys making new friends and playing with other dogs. Rufus is neutered and completely up to date with his routine shots.

Labrador retrievers are very friendly and quiet dogs. They are working dogs, but they love to be loved. They are never aggressive. Labrador retrievers are very passionate swimmers, both in summer and in the winter. As for their temperament, they are very clever, insightful, obedient, with a strong desire to please the owner, very sociable, and not aggressive.

Considered as one of the best companion dogs that exist, Labrador retrievers are very caring and child friendly. They are very peaceful and sociable. These dogs don’t bark a lot, so they are not recommended as guard dogs. They like to be always in the company of their owners.

As these dogs are very intelligent they are as well used as guides for blind people. As a hunting dog they have a strong resistance and excellent nose.

This is a dog full of energy and is always willing to play, especially in games where he can apply its hunting instincts. It’s a pet easy to train and educate, as he is obedient and eager to please its owner.

As you can see, there is no reason why you shouldn’t adopt Rufus. If you want a new best friend, Rufus can be the one. You can see more about him and how to adopt him on the following link:


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