World Events Wednesday: Mazzy the wonder dog

What was supposed to be a happy family vacation on Alaska, turned out to be a family nightmare for Karen Clyde, her husband and children. Mazzy Star was a 15 year old husky that went missing on this family trip. The biggest problem in this whole story is that the husky was deaf and very old and had only three legs. What Karen feared most about is that the dog might have been attacked or even eaten by bears.

After one week of holidays, Mazzy unfortunately wondered away from the camp, and he search for her begun. Lost dog posters have been put everywhere for people to see. A lot of people joined in the search for Mazzy, but without any success.

The family had to go back home because the kids were starting their school year, and Karen had to take care of her 3 month old baby. The search for Mazzy stopped, and the whole family went back home heartbroken.

One day after they got back home, Clyde, Karen’s husband got a call. When he answered, from the other side was a guy named Wally with a thick Mississippi accent. He called to tell them good news –  Mazzy had been found.

Mazzy was found eight days after she went missing. She was tired, dirty, had burrs in her fur, was missing fur on her tail, and had lost a lot of weight.

In the moment she saw Karen and the children, she became happy. She started to drink and eat and a couple of days later she got back to shape. They say that she probably had been using her nose to find her way home.

Karen’s and Clyde’s 13-year-old son said: “You know, Mom, I don’t know why you worried because I knew she would come back.”

The entire story about Mazzy and her way back home, you can read on the following link:

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