Tips Tuesday: First Aid Tips For Dogs

For any dog owner it is very important to get familiar with different types of first aid tips that can in some cases even save the life of your lovely pooch. Even if you have a vet clinic near your home, in some cases it can be of a huge importance giving your dog a first aid help until you take him to the clinic. First aid helps in quick relieving from pain.

We will discuss some possible situations and first aid tips that can save your dog’s life.

1. Dogs like to spend a lot of time outside of the house. It is not strange that he get a cut somewhere on his body, maybe while playing, discovering the backyard, etc. in this case, placing a clean gauge on the wound with pressure will stop the blood flow. In case that the wound is too deep, wrap the gauge around the wound and take him to the closest vet.

2. In case of some health problem, your dog can start bleeding from mouth. It is very important that both you and the dog remain calm. After you calm him down with some sedatives such as for example Diazepam, try to find the wound and apply a cold compress on the tongue.

3. Sometimes dogs can have temperature as well. This can be checked if you place a thermometer in the rectum. Never try to check the temperature of dogs orally.

4. Insects can bit dogs very often, especially if they live outside. If you see a swollen place put a few of cold water over it. If you locate a bee sign carefully take it out with forceps.

5. Some dogs are violent and like to bit other dogs. If your dog was bitten by another dog, apply cold compresses over the wound. If the blood stops flowing, it is a good sign. If the blood continues flowing heavily, you will have to take him to the doctor.

As you can see these tips are easy to follow and is very important to know these things to help your pet in emergency before you can take him to the local vet.

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