Tips Tuesday: Which Foods Are Bad For Your Dog?

Sometimes, by our fault, we give to our pampered puppies foods that are bad for their health. We don’t do this on purpose, but when you see a dog begging for something that he sees you are eating or drinking, with his grief-stricken eyes that would break even the hardest heart, people don’t even think whether those foods are good for their dog’s health.

Even if you’re the absolute dog lover, who would give everything to please your beloved pet, do not give them foods that can seriously harm him. Here is the list of forbidden foods for dogs and other animals:

1.No alcohol!

Ethanol is a main ingredient of any alcoholic beverages and is toxic for animals. Since they are much smaller than us – even the smallest amount of alcohol can harm them. Signs of alcohol poisoning at animals is very similar to the signs that people show when drink too much:  behavioral changes, excessive enthusiasm, depression, frequent urination, slow breathing…

2.Fruit with seeds, stems and grains – this causes cramps

Fruits such as apples, apricots, cherries, grapes, plums or peaches are very dangerous for dogs. If they eat a larger amount of seeds or stalks they can be poisoned. This is because these parts of the fruit contain cyanide which in animals causes cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, or even interfere with breathing, hyperventilation and shock.

3.Avoid avocado by all means

All parts of this plant are harmful to dogs because they contain toxic substances – parsley. Signs of toxicity are disturbances in breathing, bloated stomach and collection of excessive amounts of fluid in the chest, abdomen and heart. The exact amount that causes these symptoms has not been established, but the avocados in any case are very harmful to animals.

5.No onions!

Raw, dried and cooked onions contain n-propyl disulfide and propyl allil sulfide, which is toxic to dogs. Toxic substances can cause decomposition port of erythrocytes (red blood cells). The first signs of poisoning are vomiting and later anemia, increased heart rate and fast breathing.

6.Chocolate is harmful for dogs

In addition to large amounts of fat, chocolate is free of caffeine and bromine. These substances are neurological stimulants and can be toxic if the dog eats too much chocolate. Dark chocolate is dangerous for small dogs, and only 20-30 grams can lead to serious consequences.

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