Stylish Sunday: Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Collar

Dog collars are a necessary item for your dog. They have both training and identification purposes. A nice and stylish dog collar can be also a way to distinguish your dog from other dogs; it can give a certain fashion statement and can represent your personality as a dog owner.

There are different dog collars available on the market. They can be made of different materials; they are available in different colors, patterns, sizes, shapes etc. With such a big variety of dog collars, the beauty of your pet can be emphasized, no matter what size or breed he is.

However, there is one basic rule that remains the same no matter which collar you choose for your pet. The perfect collar will be the one that is not loose on his neck and the one that is not too tight. If the collar is too tight it can even choke your dog. So, the rule is to always make sure that there are at least two fingers of distance between the dog’s neck and the collar. You will have to agree that the question is about how the collar will fit on your pet and not how it will look.

There are many online stores that sell anything you need for your pet, and one of them is Here you can find dog beds, treats, toys, collars, leashes, harnesses, clothes, etc.

One of the current dog collars added to the collection is the Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Collar. This collar is available in small, medium and large size. This dog collar is an excellent fashion addition to all Crimson tide fans. Like this, your pooch can show that he is also a true Crimson Tide fan. This collar is very comfortable, adjustable; it comes in red color with white print. Whenever you go to see some Crimson Tide game, your dog can assist it as well and show of his sport spirit.

You can order this do collar on the following link:


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