Save Me Saturday: Adopt Lita, a Cute Baby American Bulldog is the virtual home of more than 375.000 pets from around 14.000 adoption centers. Adopting a pet is a great way of getting a new best friend. There are many reasons why you should adopt an abandoned dog instead of buying one. The most important thing is that this way you will be saving a life of one poor animal. When animal shelters become full, dogs that are not being adopted are usually put to sleep, although there are many no-kill dog shelters.

No-kill dog shelters need to have a big budget and a lot of volunteers that will help them around all the rescued animals. Rescued animals are usually well behaved, but are left alone by their owners for many reasons – money, free time, newcome baby, lack of space, etc. Adopting a rescued animal you are also helping the rescue center, as you are freeing up their space to accept another rescue dogs.

If you decided to adopt a new pet, Petfinder is the first place you should look. Among more than 375.000 pets, for sure you will be able to find one that will “steal“ your heart.

This week we will try to help Lita, a cute baby bulldog, ready to be spoiled by you and members of your family. Bulldogs are very friendly dogs and they dont grow very big. An avergae size of one american bulldog is up to 15 inches, and their weight is usually around 45 pounds. They dont have bg hair, so you can groom them very easily. This breed is also very good with children, and friendly toward strangers. If you have other pets you don’t have to worry since American bulldogs are quite good with other pets.

Lita is a white and black baby American bulldog mix. She is 11 ½ weeks old. Since she is so young, you will be able to train her well, although she already sits well and is a very calm puppy. She is a very playful dog and enjoys playing with stuffed toys. Other useful things you should know about Lita – she is not potty trained, obedience classes are recommended. Lita does very well with children, and as this breed is known to be very friendly it is recommended to families with children. What will be your costs to adopt Lita? First of all, unconditional love. This is a must! However there is also an adoption fee of $235 to be paid. This fee includes a vet visit, one month of free pet insurance, micro chipping, neuter or spay surgery, heartworm testing, deworming and all the important vaccinations.

More information about Lita, as well as her picture, can be seen on the following link:

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