World Events Wednesday: Shape up Your Pet With a Treadmill

Do you remember Uggie, a cute Jack Russell terrier from “The Artist”? Being in shape is not a problem for this celebrity dog as he spends his days working out on a treadmill. This is not a heavy workout though.  A simple and light walk is what he does in the days when he is not able to go out because of the weather.

This is an excellent solution if you can afford such kind of fun, both for you and your dog. Dogs, the same as humans get too old if they don’t get their exercise.

It is interesting to note that this is not an isolated case as according to surveys, since 2010 around 3 million dogs across the US are using treadmills in their daily exercise. Dog treadmills became a trend, and since then millions of them are being sold all over the world.

Sure, a treadmill may not sound and look too interesting for your dog, as it seems he is not going anywhere. But think of those rainy days when you can’t go out with him. A treadmill is a great solution, but not only for bad weather conditions but as well for fat and misbehaving dogs. A treadmill indeed promotes a healthier and longer life. A lot of dog owners, having a treadmill, admitted that it changed their life and the life of their pets.

Treadmills are available in a variety of models and prices. You will be able to find anything for your pocket. Just as an example, one of the more expensive treadmills on the market costs $499. There are no many differences between a treadmill for dogs and human. The biggest difference is in the size. In the near future, treadmills for toy dogs will be released. Of course, these treadmills will be much cheaper.

You are able to find dog treadmills in the Rosenthal’s 24-hour dog care center. Here you can find underwater treadmills as well.  Other example is the Pooch Hotel in Los Angeles, where you can find as well a treadmill for your dog. Treadmills are a great solution for overweight dogs as according to surveys around half the dog population has weight problems.

Treadmill use can calm down your dog. It is also a good way to put your dog’s endorphins in good use when they are stressed out. If your dog starts using a treadmill at least two to three days per week, it will put him in a better shape, he will be happier and healthier.




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