Tips Tuesday: Simple and Effective Health Tips For Your Dog

Keeping your dog active and healthy is one of the most important things for any dog owner. Here are some tips on how to make sure that your dog remains in good condition, happy and active. This is something that any dog owner should be aware of.

1.Your dog has to be fed with a high quality diet. There are many quality foods available on the market. Dog food can be dry or canned. Canned food is preferred by most of the dog owners as this food has higher moisture content. The dog food you choose for your pet must be AAFCO certified in case that you opt for commercial food. AAFCO certified food means that this kind of food meets industry standards. Next, high quality per food has to be labeled human grade food.

2.Make sure that your dog always has clean water to drink. Family filtered water will be adequate for your dog if this is the kind of water that everyone in the house drinks. Remember that water with impurities can damage your canine’s health.

3.Play with your dog every day. Even if you are tired to play, you must take him out for a walk. Dogs like to play ball fetch, and this is something that will not make you tired a lot. Overall, you need to make sure that your dog gets adequate physical exercise. Regular exercise is very important because it can strengthen your dog’s limbs and boost its immune system.

4.Avoid exposing your dog to tobacco smoke, pesticides, and similar. These can be very harmful for your dog’s health.

5.If you really want to keep your dog healthy, giving him each day a dose of antioxidant health supplements is essential. Some of these supplements contain powerful herbs such as cats claw, mistletoe, different algae and similar. These herbs are very healthy and useful because they can easily eliminate the harmful radicals and toxins from your dog’s body. It is recommended that these herbs are a part of your dog’s everyday diet.

As you have seen, these are very simple and easy to follow rules and tips to ensure that your dog is healthy and that he lives an active, happy and long life.

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