What you need for a new puppy

Having a new puppy can be an adventure, and here at Pampered Puppy, we want to help. There are a few items that you can purchase to help make bringing a new puppy home a success. A crate provides the puppy with a safe area where it can store toys or take a nap. It also allows you, as the owner, to give valuable training to your puppy. A housebroken puppy makes for a much happier household. You may want to consider purchasing a food bowl and water bowl just for your new puppy. If you have other animals, they may be territorial about their food and water bowls. If you do not have other animals, your new puppy will need a spot reserved for its food and drink. A dog bed, perhaps placed in the living room or another room where your family often gathers, will give your puppy a sense of belonging. If you do not want your new puppy to get into the habit of getting on your furniture, providing it with its own furniture in the form of a dog bed may help. You should consider getting the puppy a few toys as well. Puppies love to play and giving them good toys aids in training them to leave other items alone. Check the ages for each toy you consider. Not all toys are meant for puppies. You want to get a dog collar and a leash for your puppy as well. The collar will identify the puppy as belonging to someone. A leash will come in handy as you will want to start leash training as soon as possible to maximize success. Treats and puppy food are also essential. Be sure to read the labels of each one to ensure that you are getting age appropriate food and treats. Also follow the serving size instructions for your puppy’s age and/or weight when giving it food or treats. If the puppy is going to spend time outside, it would also be wise to invest in a fence or kennel and a doghouse. Last, but not least, consider enrolling you and your puppy in a training course to help you have a happy relationship.

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