Exercising your dog

Exercise is important for the health of all beings. Your dog is not excluded from this. Even if your dog has times where he or she is allowed to run free, it is still a good idea to include a daily walk in your schedule. If you live in a neighborhood where leashes are not required and your dog is well trained, you may be able to take the dog out and around the neighborhood without a leash. However, this is better done if you have several acres of land where you and your dog may roam free without meeting others.  If your neighborhood has a lot of houses, other dogs, traffic or some combination of these, it is best to always put a leash on your dog when taking it out. Similarly, if your dog has exhibited aggressive behavior or is of a breed known for its aggressive behavior, you should not let your dog out of your house or yard without having it on a leash. A good rule of thumb is to research the leash laws in your area. Some areas require a dog to have a collar and leash on anytime it is outside a fence or home. If your neighborhood is not a good or safe place to walk your dog, you may want to look for a park in your area. Dog parks, enclosed grassy areas reserved just for your canine friends, are becoming more and more popular as well. Most have a set of rules that you will need to follow to ensure safe play for everyone. A daily walk will keep you and your dog fit and happy. It will also allow you to spend time with your dog while getting in some much needed fresh air. If your dog spends time in a small area, such as crate or an apartment while you’re away, he or she will love the chance to get out and move.

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