Why owning a dog makes you safer

Dogs can be a deterrent for burglars. They will not stop or prevent every burglary from happening, but they can provide you with some measure of safety and protection. An alarm system as reliable as a dog will help you feel safe in your home. Dogs are more alert than humans to things going on outside. A dog will let you know when someone unknown or undesirable is in the yard. The noise a dog makes may encourage a burglar to seek elsewhere. Be aware of the different barks that your dog has. A dog barking at a squirrel in the yard will sound different from a dog barking at an intruder. The bark will usually be much deeper and sound meaner if the dog perceives the trespasser as a threat. Because dogs are pack animals, they will generally try to protect any member of their pack from being attacked. If you are home when someone breaks into your house, your dog will protect you because you are a member of its pack. However, a less territorial dog with be less protective of your home if you are not there. Certain dog breeds are considered more fearsome than others. For example, a Doberman, German Shepherd or a Rottweiler would probably be more likely to keep away an intruder. Breeds that are considered friendlier, such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Irish Setters might not seem so intimidating to a potential robber. This is especially important for females living alone. Owning a dog, especially an intimidating dog, will keep you safer than you would be without one.  If safety and security are an issue for you in your home, consider getting a dog that will provide an extra measure of protection against intruders. At the very least, even a small dog will create a lot of noise, which may dissuade a burglar from picking your home as his or her target. Email us a picture of your big dog!

If your dog gets spooked easily consider a dog crate.

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