Good things to do for expectant mommy dogs

A dog is normally pregnant for about two months. It can be broken down as approximately nine weeks or 58 to 63 days. It is important that you include a little pampering for your expectant momma dog. She should get plenty of exercise, at least up until the last three weeks or so of her pregnancy. A daily walk is good for dog and owner and especially good for expectant dogs. When your dog is about three weeks away from having her puppies, you may want to avoid letting her around other animals to aid in prevention of disease or infection. Make sure that she is getting a good diet as well. You may want to make special changes to her diet to help keep her and her growing puppies healthy. She may need more protein and/or calcium. Be sure to speak with your veterinarian about what foods you should be feeding her to give her the nutrition she needs. Most importantly, be sure to shower her with extra love and cuddles. As she gets closer to her due date, it will become increasingly more difficult for her to move around. She may find it harder to come to you when she wants attention. Make sure she is not lacking in attention because of this. As her due date nears, you will be able to feel and eventually see the puppies moving around inside her belly. Of course, this will be easiest when she is in her favorite “rub my belly” pose. One final thing that you will want to do for your expectant dog is provide her with a whelping box.  This should be done a few days before her due date to allow her to get used to it. You want to make the whelping box a place she will be sure to go when it is time to give birth to her puppies. Ask your veterinarian or use other resources to learn how to build a good whelping box. Make sure she has comfortable items to sleep on such as a dog bed as well.

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