Puppy Dog Beds – Which is the Best One for Your Pup?

Every member of the family is thrilled when a new puppy is coming home, and as a result, everybody would argue as to which bed the puppy is going to sleep. To avoid these petty quarrels, what you can do is to shop around and give your little canine friend a dog bed that he can sleep in. Apart from avoiding arguments, puppy dog beds are great to help puppies adjust to their new environment.

A puppy that sleeps in different beds every night will not really make him familiar with his new surroundings due to the fact that everybody just keeps taking turns on him. Keep in mind that among the most essential things to give to new puppies for the first few weeks is routine, and having him doze in different beds every night only makes the adjustment period longer for him. If each member of the family still wants to take turns, what you can do is to give the new pup a dog bed, so he has his own personal space, and you can bring it to the room where the new puppy will be sleeping.

There are different kinds of pup dog beds, one of which is the puppy pillow beds that are perfect for pups that want to fall asleep comfortably. They are usually filled with Polyfil and come with various amounts of cushion and are likewise known as nesting beds, donut beds, and dog bagel beds, stressing the snuggle factor. There are some that include a bolster in one or both sides that serve as a headrest.

Puppy dog beds also have what they call an orthopedic foam-style bed that is made of memory foam, which lessens the pressure on the joints of your pet. This type of dog bed is recommended by veterinarians for pets that suffer from arthritis. It also provides support in order to assist the younger dogs with their hip dysplasia.

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