Different age dogs in same household

Sometimes bringing a puppy into a household where there is an older dog can cause problems. You, as the owner, may not be prepared to deal with having a puppy again. If your dog is over two years old, it has probably been a while since you have had to deal with the mess that a puppy creates. It is also likely that your dog is either well trained or you have become accustomed to living with its quirks. Bringing in a new puppy will probably create new challenges for you and your older dog. Additionally, having a new puppy may make your older dog’s habits more difficult to deal with. Your new puppy may want to play and pounce on your other dog. The older dog may be grouchy with the puppy and growl or snap when it becomes playful. It is a good idea to allow the dogs time to adjust to one another. Allow each dog supervised time exploring the house and getting used to the scent of the other dog before introducing them. Try to have two people on hand, one for each pet, when the introduction does occur. Until the two dogs become accustomed to one another, do not leave them alone together. Discourage them from growling and lunging at one another. Also be sure to keep in mind the breed and personality of each dog. Some dogs, because of breed, personality and disposition simply may not be compatible with one another. If your dog is much older than the puppy and has health problems, having a playful puppy may actually be unsafe for your older dog. It is important to research breeds before bringing a new puppy into your household with an older dog already there. It is also important to take into consideration your dog’s personality when searching for another dog. If your older dog was never trained, you may want to consider enrolling both dogs in a training class. It may make the increase in dog numbers easier to handle.

Make sure when buying your new puppy that you don’t forget about your old dog. Have lots of new dog toys available for them as well!

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