Healthy Puppy Treats for Your Healthy Pet

While your cute, little pet can ingest some treats made for big dogs, remember that they are not made for the little ones’ body, as they can pose severe digestion problems and can damage your pup’s teeth.

Giving your pets healthy puppy treats is very crucial to their overall heath, because eating something healthy helps them enhance their immune system, thus being able to fight infections and illnesses. A well-fed pet is a joyful pet, not to mention that the number of visits to your veterinarian will be lessened. Some healthy pup treats do not taste as good as the ones that contain lots of preservatives, but there is nothing to worry, as your pup will eventually get used to it.

While milk and other dairy products taste delightfully good to your pet, these should never be considered as doggie treats. Lactose, which is an enzyme that is needed in order to digest them, is insufficient in a dog’s body. Even if dogs and puppies like to eat ice cream, try to avoid feeding them any of those foods. Additionally, there are some pet owners who give their pups and dogs chocolates, thinking that they are the best dog treats, but they’re wrong. The truth is that chocolates can be lethal to pets, so even if he begs you, do not give him any. The same thing goes for raisins and grapes; these foods can result to kidney damage. These tiny morsels look harmless, but they can be extremely toxic.

Puppy treats should be enticing and can be given as a reward while training your pup. You can even make your own  treats for a more appetizing taste. You can purchase treats at local and online pet food shops, but do not forget to check the ingredients carefully. Make sure that you are feeding your pet only the safest and healthiest food possible

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