Louis Dog 10th Aniversary Collection

Louis Dog, a premier dog clothing and bedding designer, has released their new collection of clothing and beds in honor of their 10th Anniversary! They have named many of the items in this collection the Bla Bla. This beautiful collection includes three dog beds, a great combination of what Louis Dog offers. They have one of their human looking beds, one of their dog house beds, and a mat. Louis Dog is know for these styles of beds. They will feature the same quality and design that you are used to when it comes to Louis Dog. Each of the dog beds features a beautiful details such as a bow or teddy bear (bla bla) decal. They are nicely stuffed and feature nice, calming pastel colors.

Next in this 10th anniversary collection is some dog clothes.  They offer two beautiful cashmere sweaters in this collection. These beautiful sweaters are only for the most spoiled of dogs. Both look like they would belong in at a special party where the best attire is needed. The stunning cashmere corsage sweater is available in three colors- pink, grey, and navy blue. The cashmere angel sweater will make your pup look like an angel with a beautiful angel wings decal on the back. It is also available in three colors.

Up next in this collection is the two new dog carriers. Both are their Shoulder Bag style and come in the same neutral colors that are featured in this collection. Both the grand sizes feature two safety hooks so those with two small dogs can use this bag to carry them both at one time.They can lower sides so your dog can stick their head out the window while you carry them around. The “Elegant” color features a detachable pearl and crystal chain to give it that elegant¬† look.

The final piece to this collection is a dog harness and leash combo. It is a a easy clip on clip off style for those quick walks. It has a beautiful big pink bow on it as well.

These are all the great items in the Louis Dog 10th Anniversary Collection!




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