Darling new dog beds at Pampered Puppy

At Pampered Puppy, we strive to bring you a great selection of dog beds for your pampered pup. We have a nice selection of dog beds for large and small dogs, as all sized dogs love to sleep in comfort. Some of our favorite dog beds are below.

-Bowsers Cowboy Microvelvet Double Donut Dog Bed. This bed is great for dogs that like to have a head rest or something to lean against. The piping on this bed creates an elegant look! The bottom is overstuffed and has a removable foam insert that provides your dog the ultimate in comfort. It has a removable and washable cover! For those with hairy dogs such as a lab or collie, the hair does not stick to the microvelvet, so no more cleaning everyday! Finally, the awesome microvelvet gets softer with every wash. Your dog will love this bed! This bed is for small to large sized dogs. It goes up to 48″ long! Bowsers makes fantastic beds for dogs so you can’t go wrong with this one!

-Play Room in Classic Blue. If you have had a Louis Dog bed in the past, you know there is nothing better. The Play Room is a tent style bed and is great for those dogs that need a place to get away. The cave like feeling will keep your dog warm, comfortable, and give them a feeling of security. Besides what it will give your dog, it will give your room an upscale feel with glitter mesh ribbon, Swarovski stones, and flower decals. While this one will only fit small dogs, it is available in two different sizes.

-Hilton Dog Bed. The tag line on this one is for those dogs that like to sleep around! It is made from a beautiful plush fur fabric that you don’t won’t want to leave! The bed and matching pillow has a removable and machine washable cover. Best of all, this bed is made in the USA! Available in two sizes for small to medium size dogs.

These are just a few of the dogs beds that are available at Pampered Puppy. We have one that your dog will love!






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