Good and Bad Dog Jewelry

People like to use different kinds of jewelry. When it comes to dogs, dog owners like to buy different kinds of dog jewelry for their pets as well. Usually, dogs don’t mind using jewelry. It gives them a fashion statement. Dog jewelry is lightweight, and in most cases your dog will not even realize that he is wearing it. Any dog, once in a while enjoys using some bling-bling.
Jewelry can certainly highlight any part of you’re the body. Your dog’s neck can look completely radiant with any kind of jewelry.
Dog jewelry can even add a certain flashy look to your dog. Dog jewelry is available in different shapes, so you can choose between dog bracelets, dog collars, dog charms, dog totems, and dog barrettes. This dog jewelry can be made from different materials such as gold, sterling silver, white gold or platinum. You can buy jewelry for your dog that contains stones like ruby and rhinestones. Some dog jewelry is made out of crystals. Dog jewelry can come in different shapes such as crosses, bones, flowers, puppy paws, hearts, and many others.
However, you need to know that dogs have a tendency of loosing things. So don’t be surprised if your dog just lost a nice piece of jewelry you just bought to him. Dogs don’t know the values of things, and he is not aware if you put him an expensive piece of jewelry. So, make sure that your dog’s jewelry is always good attaches to his collar, or anywhere else. Don’t forget that you are the one responsible for your dog’s jewelry and not your dog.
Dogs also like to put things in their mouth. So, there is a big possibility that they will try to put a fine piece of jewelry into their mouth. So, make sure to put your dog’s jewelry on places he will not be able to reach with his mouth.

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