Indestructible Dog Toys

Are indestructible dog toys a myth or they really exist? A lot of dog owners complain that they bought durable dog toys for their pet, but the dog toys didn’t last more than a month.

A lot of manufacturers often claim that their dog toys are indestructible. But the truth is that there are no indestructible dog toys. There is no such a dog that can last for months allowing your dog to chew it and gnaw it.

Of course, this depends on the dog too. Larger dog breeds have more strength and they are most likely to destroy very fast even the so called indestructible toys.

The conclusion is here that no dog toy is completely indestructible except maybe if they are made out of cast iron. But, which dog will love to chew on a cast iron toy. Some dogs that are aggressive chewers will eventually chew up even the toughest of toys.

However, the so called indestructible dog toys are better than standard ones because they end up costing you less because they last much longer.

So, what should you look for in a tough dog toy? Here the word indestructible doest make any sense anymore, as we found out that such toys don’t exist.

Round dog toys are better than flat ones because it’s just more difficult for a dog to destroy a round toy. You should always look for a dog toy made of polyethylene as this tends to be stronger and harder to destroy.

When choosing a dog toy, consider what your dog thinks is fun. So, look for a toy that is chewable but also easy to throw. If your dog likes the water, get a toy that will float.

What you should never give to an aggressive dog chewer

Avoid stuffed dog toys or rope toys with dogs that are aggressive chewers. These will eventually come apart and your dog could end up swallowing loose bits of rope, stuffing or even plastic eyes.

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