Important Dog Accessories

Dog industry is one of the fastest growing trends today. Dog owners all over the world are literary getting crazy over cute and fashionable doggie raincoats to adorable decorative bows, collars and leashes.
Here are some tips and ideas of some of the best dog accessories that you should definitely have to buy to your loving pet.
On the first place are the collars. They can be very cute and fashionable, and dog collars are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, styles and patterns. You can choose among very simple dog collars to very luxurious ones. When buying a dog collar to your dog, make sure it fits properly. A dog collar shouldn’t be too small or too big. If you can put two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck this means that he collar is perfect.
A good leash is worth of buying as well. A good dog leash will not hurt your dog, will not get tangled up and will not hold up under pressure. There are different types of dog leashes on the market. Some are retractable, some are very simple, and they are usually made of nylon or leather.
Other important dog accessory is a dog bowl. Actually you will need two dog bowls for your pet, one for food and other one for water. The best dog bowls are the ones made in stainless steel.
Treats and toys are very important for your dog as well. You should offer to your dog a wide variety of dog toys. Also, make sure to buy a proper size of the dog toy for the proper size of the dog. You can’t buy big toys for small dogs or small toys for big dogs.
Lastly, dog houses are very important if your dog will spend most of the time outside, in the back yard. A dog house represents a shelter for your dog and also a protection from different weather conditions.

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