Let’s Talk Christmas!

I know it seems like Christmas is a long time away, but it will come quickly. At Pampered Puppy we have a wonderful selection of items for you to help spoil your pup for Christmas.

Below are some items that will make wonderful dog gifts for Christmas.

-Holiday Party Taffeta Hand Smocked Dog Dress from Oscar Newman. This dress would make a stylish Christmas dress for your spoiled pup. The beautiful hand smocking is truly unique and your family and friends will smother your dog with attention when wearing it!

- Sugar & Spice Dog Overalls from Ruff Ruff Couture. These adorable Christmas colored dog overalls with gingerbread man decal makes a wonderful Christmas weekend outfit. It has cute fake overall straps and a cute collar! For those with a male and female dog, a matching dress is available.

-Velvet Santa Dog Suit. This lovable dog costume will allow you to dress your pup up as Santa! It features a full Santa suit and a darling dog Santa hat! Best of all, this costume is available is many different sizes, so dog big and small can dress up as Santa!

-Sweet Santa Barrette. If you have a dog that refuses to wear clothing, but you still want them to dress up for Christmas, try this darling dog barrette. While it will only work for long haired dogs, it is a great option for long haired dogs of all sizes. If you want added fun, add the barrette to one of our other dog outfits and your dog will look precious!

-Christmas Reindeer Party Collar. This collar is another fun option for those that people that own dogs that refuse to wear clothing. It is a¬†stretchy collar with tulle and cut out reindeer on the end. It is easy to put on and take off and dog will look so cute on Christmas day wearing it! Available in several different sizes, you’ll find this a winner!

These are just a few of the dog gifts for Christmas we have available at Pampered Puppy! Time to start your (or your dog’s list now!).

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