How to Choose a Leash for Your Dog

Choosing a leash for your dog can be a very hard task. There are so many dog leashes available on the market, that choosing the right one can be a problem in some cases. How will we know which dog leash is the best for our dog?
The type of leash you will be suing for your dog depends on the type of the dog you have and on what you are doing with your dog. You will be able to choose between nylon, cotton, leather, or extendable dog leashes.
Some dog leashes are good for walking and training and some other ones for giving your dog and opportunity to run.
Leashes that are used for training and walking are usually made of leather or cotton. The best length of one dog leash, shouldn´t be shorter than six feet. The same goes with training leashes.
When it comes to training leashes, there has to be a certain distance between the dog and the trainer, so this is why a six feet distance is a perfect solution.
Rolled nylon dog leashes are very good, but most of the dog owners opt for leather and cotton leashes which are the gentlest for the hands. Also, leather and cotton dog leashes are strong enough to handle larger dogs.
How thick a leash should be depends on the size of your dog. People who have smaller hands prefer leashes that are not too thick.  From the other side, people with larger hands prefer a leash to be a bit thicker. However, the size of the dog also determines the thickness of the leash.
One of the favorite dog leashes are extendable dog leashes. These leashes extend when the dog pulls. From the other side, flexi-leashes can be dangerous because they can snap or break.
When choosing the best dog leash for your dog, make sure you know what you want the leash for. The best thing is to know the strength of your dog before you choose the leash. Always when you have some doubts, you can consult your vet or a dog trainer.

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