Dog Collar Functions

One of the most important purchases for your dog will be the dog collar. During your dog’s lifetime, you will even need to buy several dog collars for your dog, to accomplish particular goals.
There are dog collars for different goals. So, when buying a dog collar you will have to decide whether you will use it as a training collar, or simply as a fashion statement.
The most important thing when choosing the right dog collar is to determine the proper fit. There is one very simple rule which says that a perfect dog collar should have a space of two fingers between the dog’s neck and the collar.
Like this, you will be able to find extra small dog collars, small dog collars, medium dog collars, large and extra large dog collars.
Here is an example of standard sizes for dog collars: XS or S dog collar is good for 1 – 12 lb dogs, M dog collars are the best ones for 10 – 45 lbs dogs, L dog collars are the best for 40 – 121 lbs dogs, and in the end XL dog collars are the best for 100-200 lbs dogs.
However, don’t take this weight chart as a rule. The best way to determine the right collar size for your dog is to measure his neck with a measuring tape.
When buying a dog collar for your pet, make sure to buy one that has a space for placing dog tags.
Dog collars come in a variety of choices – from leather dog collars to fashion dog collars. Which dog collar you will buy depends as well of your dog’s personality.
So, always make sure that you have buy a right size dog collar, other way taking your dog for a walk can be a lesson in disaster.

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