How to Groom Your Dog At Home

A dog’s hygiene can be a really tough subject. Dogs usually don’t like when we are taking care of their hygiene, but needless to that, we need to take care of our dog’s health. If you take good care of your dog’s coat, he will feel healthier and he will be easy to care for.

Before you start anything, the best idea is to prepare all the dog grooming tools. This means that you need to prepare the shampoo, conditioner, scissors, trimmer, brushes etc.

Brushing your dog is the first and most important step. When you are brushing your dog, you will be able to take of the matted hair. If your dog has matter hair, it can lead to some serious bacterial infections.

After you have remove all the matted hair, now is the time o shampoo your dog. If possible use natural products. Natural dog shampoos are usually made from oat. After the shampoo, it is time for a few of conditioner. Never forget to rinse the conditioner from your dog’s coat. Conditioner will leave your dogs coat soft. While your dog’s hair is still wet, brush it again.

After this, you should clean your dog’s eyes. What you have to clean from his eyes is the debris which accumulates during the day. After this, you have to clean your dog’s eyes with warm water.

Next step in the grooming of your dog is cleaning his ears. A lot of dogs don’t appreciate when someone is touching their ears. However, this is something that must be done. We have to clean our dog’s ears in order to remove all the wax and dirt that have accumulate inside his ears. We need to clean very gently our dog’s ears.

After this, it is time for your dog’s teeth. You should buy a specialized dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Be very gentle when washing your dog’s teeth, as they don’t like when someone is messing around their mouth. However, it is very important that we clean our dog’s teeth because they can become digested over time, and they cause some health problems as well. If you clean your dogs teeth twice per week, that is just fine.

Could you be apart of extreme dog grooming?

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