All About Dog Toys

Dog toys can be harmful the same way as children´s toys can be harmful for small children and babies. Here are some tips on how to choose a good toy for your dog.
Larger dogs require large toys. The best are the ones called Kong dog toys, and even though they are a few more expansive, they represent a good investment and they are very durable as well. Dogs love these kinds of toys.
Also, dogs like tennis balls, but remember that a tennis ball is not an appropriate toy for any dog breeds. Larger dogs shouldn’t play with tennis balls because they can get stuck in their throat.
Rope toys are very interesting as well, and dogs love them. Except for offering hours and hours of fun to your dog, they are great because they can clean between your dog’s teeth.
It is very important that when you are buying a dog toy for your pet, to choose the right size of the toy depending on the dog breed you own. Also, take into consideration your dogs habits, some dogs like to chew, some like to pull, some like to fetch.
It is important that you avoid dog toys that have small detachable parts which can get stuck into your dog’s throat. Stuffed toys are not very safe, especially for larger dogs, because the stuffing from these toys can be very dangerous when eaten.
Some people though opt to make toys for their dogs. This can be a very good idea, and can save you a lot of money. Remember that dogs don’t like to be entertained a lot of time with the same toy, so you will have to buy different ones very often.
Homemade dog toys can be fun for your dog. However, be aware of the size of the toy that you will make for your dog. Dogs don’t care if the toy is pretty or not, they just care of playing with it so don’t worry if you don’t manage to make the prettiest toy for your pet.
Dogs like to play with anything as long as they can chew it, fetch it, tug it, and finally destroy it.

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