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Whether you have a big or small dog with long or short hair, there come a time when you will need to give you pooch a bath or brush out at home. At Pampered Puppy we have a very hairy German shepherd and a hair always growing Biewer Terrier. This means lots of baths, brush outs and hair cuts.

With the German shepherd, due to his large size, all baths and most heavy duty brush outs are done at a dog groomer. One of the best things for his is after the bath is their use of the high force hair dryers. This helps to remove a lot of his undercoat and the dead hair. After they dry him, they use a Furminator to remove more of his undercoat. After picking him up from the groomer, he looks like he lost 15lbs with all the missing hair! It is awesome! In between the time when I don’t take him to the groomer (about once a month or month and a half) there are several items I ¬†use at home with Duke. One is my own Furminator. If you have a dog with an undercoat it is a life saver! I will also use a waterless dog shampoo on him when needed as well. Besides the coat care, I also use the dog toothbrush and ear clearing supplies.

With the Biewer terrier, because she is so small, all of her baths and brushing is done at home. When she needs a hair cut, which has only been once in her short life and another one soon, I will take her into a groomer to get a professional hair cut. She is too wiggly and I don’t know enough to do it at home. Best to leave it to the professionals! For those at home baths I use several different grooming products. I start by using an normal dog shampoo for her body. After that I will use a blueberry facial to clean her face and head. This leaves her smelling wonderful! If needed, at times I will also use some conditioner for her coat so that it makes it nice and soft! After the bath, she gets a towel dry and then blow dried. Afterwards she is brushed out and a cute dog bowis added for the finishing touch!

Both dogs also get their nails cut at home along with other grooming needs!

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