If you are a dog owner, for sure you know how much mess dogs can make when they are eating. They are not as humans and they don’t care if the floor around them gets dirty while they are eating. Also, they can´t clean after themselves once they finish eating. Because of this, dog placemats have been invented.

Dog owners who don’t like the idea of their floor becoming ruined from the dog food, should definitely consider buying some of the dog placemats available on the market. Dog placemats can be really trendy and fashionable, and they can be found in different colors, sizes and shapes.

Depending on the area that your dog makes dirty while eating, you should buy the right sized dog placemat. Dog placemats are the perfect solution for protecting the carpets and wood floors.

You can make your own dog placemat, but isn’t it much prettier if you buy a custom made dog placemat? On you can order custom made dog placemats and surprise your dog. You can put the name of your dog on the placemat, and everyone who comes to your house will know that this is the feeding area of your lovely pet.

You can buy more than one dog placemat, and change them when necessary. Like this, you will be able to provide a clean and always new looking feeding area for your pet.

The Embroidered Dog Placemat is available in standard size and in large size. The standard size measures 24 x 17 inches. The larger version of this dog placemat measures 30 x 21 inches.

These dog placemats are not very expensive as well. The price of the standard sized Embroidered Dog Placemat is around $47, and the size of the large Embroidered Dog Placemat is around $58.

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