Since dogs need a special place where they will be able to eat in peace, without anyone disturbing them, they also need a special dish to eat from.

Even though many pet owners think that all the bowls for dogs are the same and that it doesn’t matter which dog bowl they will choose for their pet, this is not the right thing. Dog bowls are different because they can be made from different materials. It is not the same if you chose a ceramic dog bowl for your pet or a stainless steel dog bowl.

Dogs that are a few more rough on their dishes should definitely have stainless steel bowls. First of all because hey can’t ruin them. If you buy a ceramic dog bowl to a rough dog, there are a lot of possibilities that your dog will break it, and even harm himself.

When it comes to the size, small dog bowls are perfect for small dogs, and big dogs will require bigger dog bowls of course.

When buying a dog bowl for your pet, don’t forget to buy two bowls right away. One will be used for food and the other one for water.

The Coco Bow Dog Bowl is a very stylish and chic dog bowl for your lovely pet. This dog bowl is great for dogs that get a few rough on their dishes because it is made from stainless steel and hand painted quilted polyresin. This is one very trendy dog bowl, and your dog will enjoy eating food out of it.

The Coco Bow Dog Bowl is available in different colors. Depending on the sex of your dog you can opt for a pink version of this dog bowl, for black or white dotted.

In the Coco Bow Dog Bowl can fit around 1 cup of food. Don’t forget about all those tasty treats for dogs as well to fill up that bowl.

The price of this dog bowl is quite affordable. Considering the quality and looks of this dog bowl, it shouldn’t be any problem giving around $30 for it.

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