Even though dogs are born with their natural “wardrobe” – fur, their owners often like to dress them in special clothes, in order to make them feel warmer, cuter and more fashionable. Some new studies have shown that clothes for dogs can be really useful during the winter periods, especially for smaller dogs. Also, when you visit some specialized animal stores, you will see lots of different kind of clothes for Yorkies, Chihuahuas and similar dogs. The fact is that smaller dogs, when we compare them to bigger dogs, lose their body temperature very fast when they go out to the cold weather. Also, clothes for dogs can be very helpful for people who live in rainy climate. Protecting your dog from rain has a lot of benefits to his fur. Another reason why you should use clothes for dogs is to minimize the scent of a wet dog. All of us who have dogs know very well that a wet dog doesn’t smell very good. Because of that, clothes for dogs can be very helpful indeed.

However, when choosing clothes for your dog, make sure that it is comfortable for your pet. Never buy clothes that is too tight, and that is made from synthetic materials. People dress their pets the same way they would want to dress themselves. Like that, some people tend to choose very simple clothes for their dogs, while other people like to choose more fashionable clothes and many other accessories.

If you see that your dog is not feeling comfortable with the clothes that you dressed to him, don’t insist on dressing him what he doesn’t like. Some dogs tolerate clothes, other ones no. They can´t speak and tell us whether they are happy with the puppy clothes or not, and because of that you should be able to see by his behavior what he is trying to express.

Love your dog, and he will love you back twice as much!

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