Flea and Tick Care for Your Dog

Fleas and ticks can be problematic year round. However, they tend to increase in numbers during warmer months. It is important for your dog to be up to date on any shots and vaccinations. Use a monthly application of a flea and tick medication as well. Frontline is a good option. Other products that you may want to invest in are flea and tick shampoo for dogs and a flea comb. Dogs that spend more time inside are not as likely to have problems with fleas and ticks. But if your dog likes to spend hours roaming the woods, you probably need to take a few extra steps in flea and tick prevention. Check your dog thoroughly when it comes in from being outside. Remove any ticks that you find and dispose of them. If you find fleas, it’s a good idea to go ahead and use a flea comb to remove them from your dog’s coat. Excessive scratching and irritated skin may be signs that your dog has fleas. A monthly medication should kill the fleas that are bothering your dog. However, you may want to bathe your canine in a flea and tick shampoo before applying the medication to provide more immediate relief. A dog that is scratching and biting at itself frequently can cause damage to its skin and leave bald spots on its fur. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed and filed to minimize skin tears from scratching. A cone dog collar will keep your dog from biting at those pesky fleas and give the medicine time to do its job. A flea and tick collar may also help. Sometimes, fleas multiply so quickly that they can take over your home or whatever area your dog spends a lot of time in. In a situation like that, you will want to use more drastic extermination methods. A flea bomb or similar will rid an area of fleas in just a few hours. Make sure that you can keep your family and pets away from the area for several hours to prevent inhalation of harmful chemicals.

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