Socializing Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs need to spend a certain amount of time experiencing new things. When properly socialized, a puppy is less likely to grow into a dog that acts aggressive or submissive in new situations. Socializing your dog may involve many different things. It is best to begin socializing your dog when it is a puppy. However, even an older dog will benefit from socialization activities. For example, you will want to introduce your dog to other dogs. It’s a good idea to start out with dogs that are of a similar age and size then gradually add on dogs of different ages and sizes. People are another group that should be introduced to your dog. You need to have people stop by in a variety of looks. Heavy coats, hats, uniforms, and beards are some of the features that may encourage aggressive behavior in an older dog. If your dog is introduced to these characteristics at a young age, it is less likely to respond negatively when it gets older. Dog parks provide an opportunity for socialization as well. However, a dog under four months or a dog that has not been around other dogs before should not be taken to a dog park. Training classes provide an excellent environment for introducing your dog to new things. You may also want to take your dog to other people’s houses (with their permission) to maximize the sensory introductions. Different types of flooring may cause your dog to be shy. If you don’t have stairs in your house, you need to take your dog somewhere to show it how to climb them. Additionally, your dog should be exposed to children of all ages whenever possible to allow it to become familiar with the noises. Small children can be prone to tail pulling and more aggressive petting too. A dog who has never experienced these things may respond by growling or even biting. Be sure to introduce your dog to as many different people and things as possible to avoid bad behavior in the future.

We suggest always have your dog collar and leash on your dog in case you need to pull her away.

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