Summer Treats for Dogs

Human, canine, feline, and all other members of the animal world have their staple diet but also thrive on dog treats. We all need to watch our weight and consider eating healthier alternatives to the typical things we usually use as snacks.

For humans healthier alternatives in snacks often mean eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer sweets. For many dogs and cats having sweets can be very bad for them so finding alternative healthier snacks for everyone in the household is a good idea. Avoiding carbonated beverages which are bad for our bones and replacing them with waters, flavored waters, or fruit drinks can be a healthier alternative for us. For dogs, treats which contain fruits and vegetable flavors as well as additional roughage from those food groups helps to maintain general health and keep their elimination more regular. Coco Therapy Fruit Crunch Dog Treats and Vegetable Crunch Treats can be very helpful in this respect.

In summertime everyone wants to cool down and your pets are no different. Freezy Pups are the treats for the ultimate in summertime snacking. The mixes are included with a freezer pan with bone shaped compartments that allow the mixtures to be frozen. When it is really hot outside everyone can enjoy a good Popsicle® and so can your pet. They can also be used by thawing them out and mixing them with the dog’s regular dry food as a supplement.

Keeping an eye on everything we eat be it our regular meals, between meal snacks, or even our choices for what we drink can make the difference between being healthy and carrying too much weight which is hard on our hearts, kidneys, liver, and other bodily organs. It is essential if we want to have a long life and want to share it as long as possible with our canine friends that we and our furry friends must be willing to forgo some of the quick sweet or fatty snacks and replace them with something more healthy.

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