Dog Beds

No place in our lives is more important than where we rest because without proper rest we cannot maintain a proper level of health. We spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for special mattresses, heating systems, dual systems so both people can be comfortable in the same bed, and a multitude of other pillow and cover combinations to make us relaxed and able to get the proper amount of rest to make it through our busy days.

And yet for our valued canine friends that are members of our family we simply buy a padded standard dog bed and expect that to be enough for them to get the rest they need to maintain proper health. For puppies this probably is enough as they are generally content anywhere they are. But as your animal ages just as when we age, our joints and muscles need extra attention in order to be able to rest properly. Many animals, especially larger dogs can have rheumatism in their joints and problems in their hips which make it incredibly hard for them to get comfortable and be able to rest. Size can also be an issue as your animal grows; make sure to keep up with that growth by providing a larger bed to coincide with their growth.

If your canine friend spends time with you on your sofa or sleeps with you in your bed you may believe that your comfort issues have been handled. As your dog ages it will be incredibly hard for them to make the leap up onto the couch or into the bed to be close to you. As they jump down the impact on their ankles, knees, and hips can be painful as well. An option that many people choose in this situation is a set of steps that can help them get on and off a piece of furniture more easily. These easy steps can come in a variety of heights, widths, and colors to blend in and help regardless of the size of your pet. At Pampered Puppy we have a large selection of dog beds to help keep your dog comfortable.

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