Dog Grooming

Somewhere in your house, perhaps in multiple locations, there is space set aside for your family’s personal grooming supplies. As a dog owner, you should also have an area where you keep grooming supplies for your pet. Although you may take your dog somewhere to be groomed on a regular basis, it is still a good idea to be stocked up at home. You never know when your canine friend will decide to take a mud bath in between grooming appointments. This is especially true if your dog spends long periods of time outside. They will roll in the dirt, get into the trash, go swimming in a lake and find other undesirable things that will make them smell bad and look bad. To keep them looking their best, invest in some basic supplies such as dog shampoo, dog brushes and dog combs. For dogs with dry skin or for cold weather conditions, also purchase dog conditioner. Stick with all natural ingredients for the best results. Combat bad breath and disease by brushing your dog’s teeth. Invest in a brand of dog toothpaste and a dog toothbrush to keep those canines pearly white. Also consider using an oral spray for your dog’s mouth. Dog nail trimmers and dog nail scissors are a must have for any dog owner. Your dog’s claws can do a lot of damage to your flooring and furniture. Not to mention the unpleasant sensation of being scratched by them when snuggling with your dog. Have Styptic powder on hand in case you cut too far. Ask your veterinarian to show you the correct way to cut and file your dog’s nails. For a touch of pretty, add a bit of color to your dog’s nails with dog nail polish. Other items that may come in handy for your dog grooming kit are dog perfume, eye pads (for gentle cleansing), ear wipes, sunscreen and styling gel. These dog products will keep your dog smelling and looking great

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