Dressing Your Dog for a Christmas Party

Whether you are going to be hosting a Christmas party or attending one that is dog-friendly, you will want to be sure that your adorable pet is well dressed for the occasion. For costume type apparel, choose from the Angel Paws Dog Costume, Elf Hat or Santa Summer Uniform. If the dress code is more suited to normal attire, a pretty dress may be called for. The Christmas Dress, Madeline Fur Coat, Christmas Plaid Dog Dress, Winter Wonderland Dress and Holiday Party Taffeta Hand-Smocked Dress are all good choices for such an event. You can decide how casual or formal you want the outfit to be and one of the above dresses will surely meet your needs. The Winter Wonderland Vest will suit your male dog for any degree of formality. To really dress up a Christmas party outfit, do not forget to accessorize! The Holiday Tinsel Flower or Sweet Santa Barrette will look adorable as an addition to your dog’s hairstyle. Add a necklace made of pearls or Swarovski crystal for that extra bit of class. For your guy, include the Oh Christmas Tree Holiday Bow Tie to make his evening wear extra snazzy. Use the Puppia Santa Harness to help keep your dog by your side during the festivities while wearing a charming outfit. Of course, not all dogs will be cooperative when it comes to playing dress up. If this is the case, consider allowing your pooch to don a Christmas Party Collar instead of a full costume or outfit. The available designs include Christmas Reindeer Party Collars, Christmas Stars Party Collars, Jingle Bells Party Collars and Christmas Tree Party Collars. Additionally, if you decide to keep things simple you may want to choose a Christmas Party Collar for your canine. Whatever you decide to do when it comes to dressing your dog up or down for a Christmas Party, there are plenty of options available.

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