Save me Saturday: Jimmy, an adoptable dog in Reisterstown, MD

If you are looking for a new pet, has a variety of all kinds of animals that are waiting for new owners, warm home and someone to take care of them.

This week we will try to find a new home for Jimmy, an American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier mix from Reisterstown, MD. This is a large adult male dog who in fact isn’t even aware of his size so very often he will want to be a lap dog. How adorable is this?

Jimmy had a very tough past as he was found tie to the front door of the vet hospital. Since then, he is at BHS, waiting for his new owners. Due to his size, it is suggested that he walks on a harness when taking him out for a walk. Of course, it is not suggested that very small kids take him for a walk as he can easily knock them over.

Jimmy is not house trained either, and he doesn´t appreciate the company of cats. House training his shouldn’t be a problem though, with a bit of patience and the right person, he will manage real fast the basic rules of how to behave when inside the house.

Jimmy might get along with other dogs as well, as long as they are not smaller than him. He loves to play, adores stuffed toys, and he likes attention from other people.

Jimmy will appreciate if you can get him real fast at BHS and make him a part of your family!


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