Tips Tuesday: Cats and physical activity

Obese wild cats are almost a non-existent phenomenon as for them it not only difficult to come to the food like to house cats, but they also spend a lot of time and energy to catch their food, and this is what keeps them slender and maintain in good condition.

On the contrary, domestic cats often make that persistent “meow” sound and the food already comes. So, their body is in fact used just to receive food.

For domestic cat living in the house, there is very little opportunity for regular physical activity, which threatens the increased risk of weight gain and loss of muscle mass. Although cats rarely eat just for the sake of, for the cat that lives at home, the appearance of a full bowl of food, and not the thrill of the hunt, makes them accumulate extra weight. Excessive weight gain, which further burdens everything, especially the heart, in equal measures is dangerous for the cast and for human´s health, so it is important for pet owners not to endanger the health of their beloved pets.

You can easily check whether your cat is overweight – if on finger palpation her ribs are hard to find, it is the right time to check with your veterinarian about the introduction of a weight loss program (different types of cat food today include products for weight loss).

The best way to prevent your cat’s weight gain is to ensure her ample opportunities for physical activity. Usually it is enough if she has access to the outside world, but if your cat is confined to a small garden, consider setting up a device for running or activities, including branches at various heights on which to climb.

If your cat lives in the house and your house is small, the two solutions to the problem of physical activity are to establish a framework for climbing in a separate room, or at least half an hour a day to play with her. A lively game will allow your cat to strengthen the muscles, and it will also provide mental stimulation and strengthen the bond between you. No matter whether the cat lives outdoors or indoors, all cats crave to play, so if you’re not around to take part in it, make sure your cat plenty of toys for entertainment.

Many cats (especially the Oriental breeds such as Siamese cats) like to go for a walk with their owners, and such activity is beneficial for their health. If you decide to take your cat for a walk, make sure to use an extensible collar designed especially for cats.


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