Save me Saturday: Rosie, a greyhound from Tampa, FL

This week we will try to find a new home and a new family for Rosie, a large adult female greyhound.

Rosie is a very kind and at the same time playful dog. She is energetic and enjoys in running around, be it in a backyard of a house or park. So, if your living space is not very limited and you have a backyard with a large fence, Rosie will be very grateful to practice her running skills as much as possible.

Rosie loves children, especially to play with them. She also enjoys in long walks. This female greyhound is a real sweetheart and she will appreciate any minute that you spend with her even petting her head.

In her previous home, she was allowed to be on the sofa, so it would be nice if you could provide her with a comfortable chair to nap on. Rosie also has a sister, but even if you are willing to adopt only her, her only request will be that someone is always with her and gives her a lot of attention.

If your family is ready to have some joy in life, Rosie will definitely be the best addition to that. So what are you waiting for? Let´s give Rosie a new opportunity to have a loving home and someone to take care of her the way she deserves.

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