Travel Thursday: Dog friendly hotels in Illinois

If you have planned to travel to Illinois, a state where Chicago is one of the biggest cities, you shouldn’t miss out guide to some of the most popular dog friendly hotels. This is a state with a lot of small urban areas with beautiful nature, ideal destination for holidays. This could be a holiday that your pet and family will definitely not forget, but this requires a stay at a pet friendly hotel.

In Chicago you should definitely opt for the Palmer House Hilton. This is a beautiful and breathtaking hotel with a spectacular indoor swimming pool, with different spa services, health club, lots of parking space, ballrooms, etc. This hotel is pet friendly of course and will welcome both you and your pet in a room with high quality services. Nearby the hotel you will find different spots perfect for recreational activities for you and your pet.

One more town worth of visiting is Springfield, which is actually the capital of Illinois, Springfield. It is full with different pet friendly hotels, among which the most popular one is the Stevenson Inn hotel. This hotel has a lot of parking space, family rooms, and gives a totally warm attention with a comfortable environment both for you and your pet.

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