World Events Wednesday: How one dog got a “life sentence” in a prison

He became known as “Pennsylvania’s cats killer” and was “sentenced to life in prison for brutal murder of the governor’s cat”.

A black Labrador named Pep in 1924 ended up in prison after he killed the Pennsylvania governors (Guilford Pinchot´s) cat.

But later it turned out that it was a set up – Pep was completely innocent, and his greatest sin was chewing furniture.

The entire story about Pep was made up by a local journalist with a serious lack of ethics, and the truth is far less interesting.

The received Pep as a gift and he has quickly become a beloved family member.

However, because Pep loved to chew the covers from the sofa and other furniture, the family decided that he had to leave their home.

The decision was made to relocate Pep in prison, but not as a prisoner but as a therapy dog.

He died at his workplace and was buried in the prison yard.

The story of a black Labrador again saw the light of day, as the governor’s son found a copy of the newspaper in which he read the news of Pep.

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