Tips Tuesday: How to properly give medicine to a dog

As with the children, the same is with pets – giving them some medicine can be a real mission impossible.

Crush the pill and hide it in the food, but if you want to be sure that the dog took a pill, put it in the back of his mouth. With one hand, hold the muzzle and lift his head a little. With the other hand grasp the lower jaw, and with the index finger and thumb put the pill on the dog’s tongue, as deep as possible. Close his mouth and hold it closed, gently massaging his throat to force the dog to swallow.

Medicine in liquid form is the easiest to give with the help of a plastic syringe. The syringe will allow you to accurately measure the required amount of the medicine. The medicine will need to be injected into the back of the dog’s mouth. After successfully giving the medicine to the dog, wash the syringe and reward the dog for good behavior.

Eye drops may be given to the dog so that you hold his head calmly while slightly tilting it backwards. Drops should be put in the corner of the eye. After that, let your little one a break, eye drops are not such a pleasant thing, for sure you know this yourself.

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