Stylish Sunday: Ashley Barrette for Dogs

Girl dogs are able to use much more fashion accessories than boy dogs. One of them is dog bows and barrettes. If your pup doesn’t mind dressing up and if she feels comfortable with using different kinds of accessories, you should try with bog bows and barrettes, especially if your dog has long hair.

Barrettes are very easy to put in your dogs hair. But, in any case, it is recommended that you use a elastic grooming band so that it would easier for you to secure the fountain, and after that attach the barrette to the hair of the dog. Whenever you prefer, it will be much easier to replace the barrette on your dogs head.

There are different kinds of hair bows and barrettes on the market and they can be made in different colors and materials. The ones with a higher quality are made with two elastic grooming bands and they last more time. There are also ones made with two topknots, but the ones with elastic bands are of a better quality.

Most of the groomers often opt for elastic bands as they can stay more time without falling. This is because it gets a bit harder for a dog to take the elastic band out of the hair. In case that you want to create a unique look, you can opt for elastic ones in combination with fountain. For example, two different flowers can be matched to coordinate perfectly with the outfit that your dog is wearing that day.

The Ashley Barrette for Dogs can be made with a lot of different outfits due to its color that can match with most of the female dog clothing items.

The Ashley Barrette for Dogs features two different ribbons to add more depth to the accessory. There are two different pink ribbons, with green stitch design. In the center of the accessory is a sewn butterfly that makes it even more perfect and more girly!

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