Travel Thursday: How to have a fun dog travel

Dogs are considered as men best friends, and for this reason a lot of dog owners like to take them on holidays, no matter where they travel. But traveling with a dog can be a problem if you didn’t prepare yourself and the dog on time. So, here are some tips on how you can have a fun dog travel, and create a unforgettable experience both for you and your pup.

  • Preparing the dog for the travel

It is not only humans that need to make sure they are healthy before they travel away somewhere but dogs as well. Since they are not able to take care of this by themselves, every responsible dog owner should make sure his dog is healthy before and after the trip.

For this reason, it is suggested that you visit your vet, at least a week before the trip, so that he would give him the right vaccines if necessary. This way you will also check out whether your dog is suffering from some minor disease perhaps.

  • Dog ID

Even though this sounds funny it is necessary that you r dog has his own ID when traveling to other countries. This is extremely important in case that your dog gets lost. For example, you can make a personalized ID dog tag.

  • Plan the right accommodation

This is of a great importance. Luckily, today there are a lot of per friendly hotels that accept cats or dogs or other animals as well. However, before traveling away make sure that the hotel has vacancies, that it really accepts animals, and if has some special requirements such as for example size or dog breed.

  • Is your dog a traveler?

Some dogs don’t like to travel, and therefore they will be making you a lot of problems. Others, from the other side, adore such experiences. Dogs that are old or are suffering from some disease will not find the travel a very pleasant experience. So, the best thing would be that you start training your dog for travels since he is still a puppy. This way he will get used on time on being on the road for hours.

  • Is your dog trained?

This means that he will need to understand some of the basic orders, so that he would not be making your problems during the trip and so that you could keep him under control.

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