World Events Wednesday: Dog survived after being closed one month in a car

An abandoned dog has miraculously survived, although he spent a month trapped in a locked car on a car junkyard.

No one noticed the unfortunate dog inside the Chevrolet in Kansas City, which due to improper parking was impounded and towed to the dealer. Almost a month later, one of the employees noticed a dog that jumped on the car dashboard, while he was putting up the price by which the car should be sold on an auction, because his owner did not show up.

The unfortunate dog that was only 12 weeks old, however survived, and is now safely put in a shelter for abandoned animals, where he was named Kia.

Nobody knows how the dog survived, but it is assumed that somehow he managed to get hold of food leftovers and water out of the restaurant near which the car was left, although the employees did not notice any signs of water and food.

A representative for the local government announced that workers in the parking lot did not intend to neglect the dog, and they are pretty upset about what happened.

“This is quite an amazing story, it´s really lucky that the dog survived,” adding that everyone is relieved that he will now take care of some of it.

The local vet said that was almost amazing that the dog survived a month without water and it he believes that somehow the dog was managing to get to it.



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